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October 11, 2017

It was quite a storm this last week. I know some people in the Bear Paw Mountains who are still stranded and wondering what to do about it.

I was only snowbound once unless you count this last storm last week. And I was not snowbound in it really as friends could come and go and bring me all sorts of good things to eat and drink.

The only time I really remember being snowbound is in the 1990’s when I was living in the old Faber house on Little Box Elder Creek. There one day just around Easter, it started to snow and by the next morning I had about two feet of snow and little help of seeing a county plow until the next Monday.

I really lucked out in several ways. The power had gone off but I was cooking on a propane cook stove and heating with wood. I had plenty of wood and propane so kept warm until the plows finally came.

The other way I lucked out was that I was going to cook a turkey for my family for Easter so I had the turkey and all the fixings. Well, they couldn’t get over Marias from the Flathead country and could never have gotten to Little Box Elder Creek in the Bear Paw Mountains anyway so I cooked up a royal feast for myself.

I had turkey, sausage and sage stuffing, mashed potatoes and turkey gravy, sweet potatoes, oodles of condiments, and some of the best Broccoli and Rice casserole I have ever eaten.

Why so much food for one person, you might ask. Simple, I had nothing better to do than cook. And cook I did!

As I recall I had leftovers for a week afterward and they were as good as the big meal itself,

Only thing that was missing was a good June berry or huckleberry pie for dessert. My family was in charge of desserts.

If I recall, I had my dessert a month later over at Lakeside as they had frozen the pies until we could enjoy them together.

I had frozen a lot of turkey and gravy and stuffing so that spring I ended up with two Easter dinners.

That was when I decided that if conditions were right, it was not too bad to be snowbound.


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