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Big Sandy Pioneer Basketball: It's Worth the Price of a Ticket


January 10, 2018

For the most part, everyone watching a sporting event cheers for their team to win, so does everyone watching Pioneer Basketball. For the boys, it was a great win, but for me this time I went to watch it all. Really watch it. There are 34 students standing in a semi-circle singing the National Anthem in perfect harmony. That alone is worth the price of a ticket to attend the game. While the girls were being introduced they ran over and gave a high-five to Mike, a resident of Big Sandy Activities which made his entire year! That alone is worth the price of a ticket. What a smile she had after scoring two points while she drove to the basket and getting fouled. They were working so hard on defense they ended piled up on the floor. Watching Coach DJ smile broadly when the girls made a play work! Getting a foul while trying to force a charge, flying across the floor, but she was pleased with her effort. All worth the price of a ticket. Thirty points behind, and still they encourage each other, “Don’t give up! Go!” After a bad pass she yells, “my fault”. Concentrating on good sportsmanship and having it acknowledged. All of it worth the price of a ticket.

Grade School kids playing at half time. Loving it! That’s worth the price of a ticket.

A young, young boys team discovering “What’s your why?” If nothing else were happening on the basketball court that personal search of each young man is worth the price of a ticket. The intensity of their eyes. A smile after they learned from their mistake. Coach Thomas bending his body to keep from saying something to a referee after a bad call; worth the price of a ticket. He learned to take a charge. He had a high rebound. They were pointing at each other to give each other credit for a job well done in getting a basket after a great pass and a great move! He acknowledges his error. The fast pace of the game. Once again worth the price of the ticket.

A young father, holding his infant son watching the basketball games. He has no child currently playing. He came to support the teams. He said it wasn’t about if they’re a mature team or even a highly skilled team. People came to support him when he played. He played in empty gyms and full gyms and it’s a whole lot more fun to play in a full gym. He wants to support the development of the character of each player. That is what he believes is the real worth of the price of a ticket!


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