DJ Camp offers new outlook for the Lady Pioneers


January 17, 2018

DJ Camp is the head Girls Pioneer Basketball coach. She is a Bahnmiller who played Pioneer basketball for years. She understands the tradition of Pioneer Basketball. DJ said, "I have a lot of respect and love for Pioneer basketball. When I was young I wanted to play basketball for the Pioneers. I have a lot of admiration for the uniform and the number that each girl wears. It helps me have hope for them. This is such a unique group; each girl is an individual. I love them to death and I firmly believe they will get out of where they are at. I am a very realistic coach, but as a coach I want to win and I firmly believe they will get there. So, keep watching them, keep supporting them.

I played in a small town and I know how important it is to have the town's support. It's good to see the support they have. There is a joy of the game that the girls need to learn." She believes that each position, each role is as important as the other. The shooter isn't more important than the passer. Although historically the girl making the points is celebrated more. There are five people on that floor each playing a role for each play.

DJ believes, "They can learn that sometimes the struggles and difficulties they are going through will teach them important skills and will help them get to the next level. It's still a part of learning the love of the game. The skills they are learning, the joy of the game, the worth of a team is not necessarily the performance of the team." She was very excited to see them break the press against the Box Elder girls for example. "If they can break the press against the Bears they can break the press against anyone." Running down the sleeve of their warm-up shirt is a Latin phrase which means "Strength rejoices in the challenge." A great motto for girls learning joy in the process of discovering the game.


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