Wrestling Tournament will be held here on Thursday

“Wrestling is a mentally, strong sport, that taught all four of our boy’s self-discipline.” “It’s a sport that taught my kids how to win, and lose graciously”. These are two quotes from mothers that had their sons in wrestling from when they were in the Little Guy wrestling program all the way through till they graduated high school. In other words, wrestling is worth supporting. There is a high school wrestling mixer here in Big Sandy Thursday 24th at 5 p.m. The mixer will feature wrestlers from CJI, Chinook, Harlem, and Malta.

Coach Tucker Taylor says they have a young team this year, but his wrestlers are improving, and are hopeful they can beat some wrestlers that have gotten the best of them earlier this season.

When asked his thoughts about how or why he’d recommend wrestling to parents, Coach Taylor says, “If parents are interested in their kids developing a good work ethic, and an accountability for their own actions, wrestling is a good choice. It also forces kids to be more disciplined, and live a healthier lifestyle if they are true to the sport.”

So, whether you know or understand the sport of wrestling or not, you should still attend the mixer tomorrow. It’s fun to watch and learn about a sport where kids are dedicated and bettering themselves as individuals.

There will be concessions, so come on out, and cheer on your Big Sandy wrestlers. The cost of the event is $4 for adults and $2 for students. The Pioneers will be displaying the new Pioneer themed wrestling mat that the Little Guy Wrestling Program purchased.