COVID-19 as affected some local businesses


April 22, 2020

Agri-Prairie Insurance is open by appointment. Call 378-2525

Bear Paw Coffee Shop and Deli is closed.

Big Sandy Organics are open, but call 378-2266 prior to any pickups.

Bruce Buer, dentist, has closed his office and he is sending any emergencies to other dentists. He hopes to reopen in May.

CHS-Big Sky is also open call at 378-2121

CHS-Big Sky, agronomy, is open call 378-2306

Complete Small Engine Repair is open M-F call 390-3637

Craig Edwards’s Gallery is open by appointment. Call 378-3271

LIFT Fitness is closed.

Ezzie’s is open as usual. 378-2101

Golden Harvest Seeds, Inc. is also open call 378-2112

The Grocery Store is open as usual, but please respect healthy spacing. You may call in an order at 378-2305.

First Bank is open, but the lobby is locked. Place deposits in the night deposit. If you need to can go into the building. Call 378-2520

Hair I Am is closed until further notice.

The Homestead Agency is open call 378-2440.

The Mint is taking to go food orders call 378-2679.

Mountain View C0-0p is open, but the door is locked. Call 378-2404 prior to picking up product, or knock on the door.

Napa is open as usual but will be closed April 22-May 2 . Call 378-2280

Pep’s is taking to go food orders call 378-2293.

Pleninger Plumbing is open as usual call 378-2134

Attorney Thomas Sheehy is open call 378-2103.

Turtle Electrician is open as usual and may be reached at 1-313-300-3193

Virgelle Mercantile is open with appointment. Call 378-4110

The Mountaineer is open limitied hours you can always call in the mornings if you need anything 378-2176

Waddell & Reed is open call first at 378-2110


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