City Plans two public meetings to discuss Junk Ordinance


January 12, 2022

The Big Sandy town Council held a public meeting on January 5, 2022, to discuss the grant application. Mayor Schwarzbach and council members Colby Baumgarn, Jon Sheehy, Rich Jespersen and Krystyl Kulbeck were also present. All three staff were also present; Tim LaBuda, Larry Geyer, and Wendy Kleinsasser. There was no one from the public at this meeting. Chuck William from KLJ told the council that a competitive grant using ARPA Pot C funds is due January 14. The funding will be used to purchase a new SCADA system, which will monitor the town’s water system. As Big Sandy has had no health violations, the focus on the grant application will be concerning safety going forward and the future tie-in to the North Central water line. Energy efficiency and water use efficiency, along with a readiness to proceed, and security, will also be included in the application.

At the regular meeting following the public meeting, Rich Jespersen swore Shaud Schwarzbach in as mayor. The mayor then swore Colby Baumgarn, Jon Sheehy, and Krystyl Kulbeck as council members.

The present Council members were Colby Baumgarn, Jon Sheehy, Rich Jespersen, and Krystyl Kulbeck.

Staff Present: Tim LaBuda, PWD. Larry Geyer, Public Works and Wendy Kleinsasser, clerk.

Attending from the public were Chuck Williams, KLJ, Heather and Thomas Dilworth.

Rich Jespersen updated the council with a New Pool report. He has put together an interlocal agreement with the school. The mayor suggested two changes. Rich will implement those changes and take the agreement to the school board. Once that is done, he will move forward with the Land and Water grant.

Check Williams, KLJ, presented the council with information about the firm KLJ recommends as the contractor for the storm drain project, ACME Asphalt. He checked three references; all came back positive. The only concern is that they have not done a project of this size, but the other bidders were much more expensive. However, Big Sandy is obligated to accept the lowest bid unless there is information that the company has failed to live up to the contract terms in the past.

The new committee assignments are the same as before: Everyone will stay in their current position: Colby Baumgarn: Streets, Jon Sheehy: Water and Sewer, Rich Jespersen: Parks, Krystyl Kulbeck: Police. Colby Baumgarn will remain as Council President.

Resolution 2022-14 to repeal and replace Ordinance 2003-01, Junk Ordinance, and replace it with Ordinance 2021-01: Jon Sheehy moved to pass the resolution; Rich Jespersen seconded it passed unanimously on a roll call vote. There will be two public hearings held on February 2 and March 2.

The town will give a $100.00 donation to The Shriner’s Children’s Hospital in memory of Joanne Kibbee, who was the town clerk for many years. They will also pass a proclamation at the February meeting.

The Town Council approved signing the agreement with Big Sandy Organics and the Management plan.

The town is waiting for the title search to be completed before moving forward with the old Hotel.

Shaud reported that North Central Water would go out to bid to build the water line next summer. Big Sandy is still working out the financing.

The next regular council meeting will be held on February 9, 2022, at 7 p.m.


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