Changes in the 2016 Swimming season at the Big Sandy Pool

Leslie Gregory, who is the lady in charge at the Big Sandy Swimming Pool, said that the pool is up and running and, as usual, there are a few changes from last season.

"Our hours are different this year," Leslie said.

"Hours are 12 to 2, 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 for open swimming seven days a week. 8 to 9 am five days a week is adult swimming as is 6 to 7pm five days a week."

Gregory said there are eleven life guards from the Big Sandy area. Many people have commented this is a great place for summer employment for teenagers. This year is no exception.

"This year all the lifeguards have new uniforms so everyone knows who is working when they are there," added Leslie.

Some time ago a large shade was donated by the Chouteau County Cancer Society. Public Works Director Tim LaBuda built a frame for the screen so it provides lots of shade and is a very nice addition to the pool this year.

Of course the sprinkle pool remains very popular for babies and toddlers. There are all sorts of sprinklers and that part of the pool gets plenty of use with people driving from other parts of Montana just to use that part of the pool.

Leslie said there are little chutes of water coming from all directions and all that is very interesting to young kids.

In July there will be swimming for all ages. Leslie thinks that the perfect age to get a child learning to swim is when they are from 3 to 4 years of age.

Several special events sessions are being planned for later on in the swim season.

One of the important aspects of the Big Sandy Pool is that it enables Big Sandy to field its own swim team. Leslie thinks this is very important to the community. The team practices at the pool daily.

"More important than that is that not just the swim team but many other people use the pool. Adults come swimming frequently and kids come every day, "said Leslie.

All is not well with the pool, however.

"The pool is sort of bandaged together," said Leslie. "When it goes Big Sandy will not have a pool. We really do need a new pool."

Even the school system would benefit from a new pool as they would have the opportunity to teach a life skill to all students, swimming. Lots of prairie kids never do learn to swim. They would learn if the school and city managed a new pool together.

There has been talk about a new pool. Mayor Stiles announced that the city and school board will hold a joint meeting at 7 pm on June 29 in the computer room at the high school to talk about a new pool. The Mayor hopes that many will attend this public meeting.

Meanwhile back to the old pool where kids routinely use the pool at least a couple of times a week.

"It is a busy pool and will stay busy until it closes the week before school starts," said Leslie.