Senior Center News

October birthdays are a long list. They include Floyd Terry. Allan Pearson, Cindy DesRosier, Doug Grubb, Shirley Pearson, Marlys Bahnmiller, Beverly Williams, John Brown, Marlys Edmonds, Ronald Christensen. Donald Christensen, Marilyn Swanson, Rachel Baumgarn, Pam Jung, Pam Gasvoda, Kandi Marion, Linda Schwarzbach, David Louvar, Nancy Jappe and Paula Amsbaugh.

Several Sashays around the ball room floor while Lawrence Welk’s champagne bubbles cloud the room for Norm and Karen Reinertson, Doug and Nora Grubb, Arland and Pam Gasvoda, Harry and Pam Bold and Gene and Cora Lee Welty.

October events...

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