Shakespeare meets the Praire

Enter Lady Macbeth with a taper.

"Lo you, here she comes! This is her very guise, and upon my life, fast asleep. Observe her: stand close."

Doct. "How came she by that light?"

Gent. "Why it stood by her: she has light by her continually: tis her command."

Doct. "You see her eyes are open."

Gent. "Ay, but their sense is shut."

Doct. "What is it she does now? Look how she rubs her hands."

Gent. "It is an accustomed action with her to seem thus washing her hands. I have known her continue in this a quarter of an hour."

Lady M. "Yet here's a spot."

Doct. "Hark! She speaks: I will set down what com...

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