North Central Montana Cattle Women off Scholarship

A scholarship is again offered by the North Central Montana Cattle Women and the North Central Montana Stock Growers. This annual scholarship is available to high school seniors and college students completing their sophomore year.

Interest from a memorial fund honoring the memory of deceased members is contributed to by the Cattle Women. Stock Growers supply their portion of the scholarship through fundraising efforts and interest from money left from the Livestock Protective Association, a forerunner to the present Stock Grower organization.

A high school senior or college sophomore who has maintained a C or 2.0 average in school and is interested in entering the field of agriculture (all areas) or family and consumer science (in the areas of education, extension, or foods, nutrition and dietetics) may apply for the scholarship.

Application forms may be obtained at the following schools: Hays-Lodge Pole, Turner, Harlem, Chinook, Havre, North Star, Box Elder, Rocky Boy, Big Sandy and MSU -Northern.

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