Bear Paw Meanderings

Sometimes I sit down at this old computer and just stare at it, wondering what to write about this week?

Getting started on the writing process sometimes is just finding something to write about.

Here is something. It is happening already. A lady from far away sent us an email saying how she loves the stories I write about Charlie Russell and Ace Powell. She went on to ask about Ace and Nancy Powell who were both good artists in their own right.

I hardly ever write about Nancy and yet her grasp of Native American art was fantastic. She and Ace divorced long ago and although Ace died more than a decade ago, last I heard Nancy was still living and still painting pictures of Native American children mostly. I think she is still alive but I would probably not hear if she was not alive.

I wrote a story about Joe DeYong’s art work a couple of weeks ago and we had his beautiful oil painting of Going-to-The- Sun Mountain on our front page. I love that painting as it reminds me of one by a French impressionalist or someone of that ilk. Maybe it is to me like a scene out of a French garden.

Ace Powell also learned how to paint from Charlie Russell but his paintings were much more about the action of the west like Russell. Only thing about Powell that was so different that Russell was that Powell painted many of his paintings using a pallet knife and delved into many more pastel colors. I have seen several small Powell oils of snow covered log cabins on the Blackfoot reservation that even include hints of pink snow and they are outstanding.

So thanks to a charming reader for asking a couple of questions and my getting a whole new column out of it. Tip of the hat to you!

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