Big Sandy heads back to School Aug. 21

Do to a technical problem we missed half this story last week. Here is the story in its entirety.

It’s my favorite time of year...buying new school supplies, getting new school clothes, new haircuts, decorating my classroom (although this year it was decorating my office) hearing the football and volleyball kids at practice, and the all the excitement in the air for a new school year! The new school year always begins for me as a great adventure. What kind of journey will this year bring? Well here are my hopes for what we will accomplish at Big Sandy Schools this year.

Back in 2016 we started a Strategic Planning Process, which basically means that we have set some short-term goals and some long-term goals; we meaning the School Board, the Administration, and the Staff. What came from this process are some core values we identified as important to all of us who took part in the process.

• Purposeful – As a District, we are committed to do what is best for our youth and for the community we serve.

• Respectful – Our District and our Community value showing one another respect at all times and being respectful in everything we do.

• Inspiring – We value being role models for our students and inspiring them to reach their full potential.

• Determined – As a District and a Community, we are strong-willed and will persevere through challenging times and celebrate our successes.

• Encouraging – We are a positive, encouraging community that believes our youth are the keys to our future success.

These core values have inspired this new logo that I hope to have branded all around the school and community this year.

Let’s all work hard to promote some PIONEER PRIDE!

There are some new faces coming on our great adventure this year, along with some old faces that have some different jobs. Mr. Moore will continue to do his Superintendent duties along with taking over being the Technology Coordinator. I will be leaving the classroom and taking on the responsibilities of K-12 Principal; I’m as equally excited as I am terrified (which I am hoping is a good combination). Cheryl Ostrum will also be switching jobs this year and leaving the kitchen to work with our students as a Title I Aide.

We are delighted to welcome the following new teachers to our school. Samantha Weaver, who has been a wonderful substitute for us over the past years, will be teaching Kindergarten. She has the awesome opportunity this year of teaching the kids she taught last year at preschool, exciting for her and for them. Devyn Poser is coming to us from Phillipsburg and will be filling the 6th grade position. Shelbi Darlington, who has a very familiar last name, will be taking over the Gifted/Talented/Title I program at the Elementary. Sarah Pugh, who is almost local as she grew up in Winifred, will be teaching 7-12 English. We had the fortunate circumstance this year to hire Bridgette Long to teach Spanish for 7th and 8th grades. Previously this was done as a Digital Academy Course and we are so excited to have an actual teacher in the classroom as we feel that will be more effective. Lastly we are eager to welcome Lianna Heimbigner into the kitchen crew! Our doors are always open so feel free to stop in or give us a call if you need anything. Thanks for supporting the students of Big Sandy schools.

Let the adventure begin! GO PIONEERS!

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