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Big Sandy Christmas Stroll Saturday, Dec. 2


November 29, 2017

December 2nd promises to be the best Stroll Day ever in Big Sandy no matter what the weather.

There is so much going on that it will take more time than you have to see it all but what you do see should make you all agog and atwitter and certainly all into the Christmas spirit!

The Stroll all starts with Santa at the Mint. Have breakfast with your kids and get their pictures taken with Jolly Old Saint Nick and elves he has specially chosen himself to help him pass out goodies to kids of all ages in the Stroll Day morning.

Take the Craft Show at the City Hall. It has grown so big that the Museum has opened their doors to host part of that huge show as well as they will be doing things of their own throughout the day. That is all brand new this year!

If you are looking for Christmas treats and things that would make just dandy Christmas presents, don't miss this Craft Show. It has a lot of everything and even if you are already through buying your presents, it is a perfect place to buy yourself a trinket or a new ornament for the Christmas tree or a goodie to have around the house when company comes.

Along with the Craft Show, remember the Senior Citizen's Center who are having their annual Stroll bake show. Some of the best treats in Big Sandy are baked and sold at that bake show which is at the Senior Citizens Center.

Not only that but take advantage of that famous Senior Citizen's Center spaghetti lunch on Stroll Day. The Spaghetti is to dream about and if you are at the Craft show for the day, the Senior Citizen's Center will deliver your spaghetti meal to you if you like.

Elaine Courtnage has been honored in this Stroll in several ways. She did the Stroll buttons for many years and was a strong part of the Big Sandy Stroll.

To honor her and her family the Chamber of Commerce will be auctioning off some of her favorite pieces of art right after the Button Draw on Stroll Day. That is truly a living gift as proceeds from that auction will go to a Courtnage family scholarship fund at the high school for people going into art or nursing.

Then there is the Stroll Cocktail Throwdown which happens in the afternoon of Stroll Day. This is the second year of the annual affair. Each bar in town creates a special Stroll Day cocktail and judges go around and choose the best Stroll cocktail and the bar that concocted that cocktail gets a traveling trophy until the next stroll. Last year Peps won the trophy but it is said that the Mint and Diamond 4 U are working hard to capture the trophy this year. Sample those cocktails Stroll Day afternoon.

You will notice there are more lights and more glitter in Big Sandy then ever before this Stroll Day. That is because the Chamber of Commerce and other interested citizens had a decorating day a few weeks ago and the old town has just sparkled every night since then.

Late in the afternoon, there is the grand parade and prizes are given out for the best of the best in many different catagories.

Later, there is the Button Draw and the Courtnage auction and that will bring to an end the very best Christmas Stroll ever!


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