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Coyote Derby Results


January 23, 2019

Calling Call Winners: Kody Nystrom, Eli Hinebaugh, Tanner Pronto, and Garrett Powell, stand with Steven Boyce.

Calling Class: 1st Place paid out $2,166.00 and went to Eli Hinebaugh, Kody Nystrom, Tanner Pronto, and Garrett Powell killing 14 coyotes.

2nd Place paid out $1,083.00 and went to Duke Darlington, Pete Sura, Paul Sura, and Cory Brothers killing 10 coyotes.

3rd Place paid out $361.00 and went to Wyatt Terry, Casey Terry, and Tyson Ruff killing 8 coyotes.

Open Class: 1st Place paid $1,176.00 and went to-Casey Clark, Blaine Judeman, Levi Clark, and Ryan Erickson killing 32 coyotes.

2nd Place paid $588 and went to Lacy Wortman, Sheena Wortman, Michael Prater, and Stephanie Prater killing 22 coyotes.

3rd Place paid $196.00 and went to Clint Bradbury, Evan Hinebaugh, Mike Erickson, and Austin Oulette killing 11 coyotes.

We raised $9,500 for the Big Sandy American Legion Post 50. We purchased 7 Del-Ton AR-15's with the money raised from previous years as well as several scholarships for Big Sandy High School Students.

We had 25 Calling teams and 9 open teams with a total of 119 participants. There was a total of 171 coyotes killed over the weekend. We had some awesome sponsors. Matt Feurehelm donated a Ruger AR-15 and was won by Josh Danreuther.


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