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Big Sandy School Board Approves FFA trip to Nationals


October 2, 2019

On September 17th, 2019, I got the honor of reporting on the school board meeting at the high school. I got to see some familiar people, along with with meet some new folks. Kelly Rutledge, Maryetta Engle, Darin Genereux, Kelly Holland, and Brad Weaver were all the attendees at the meeting this month.

The student council, as usual, had some great ideas. They discussed themes for the upcoming Chili Feed and Spirit Week. The themes have not yet been decided, but I am excited to see the final theme. Events like these are essential because they allow the community to grow closer through social activities that involve the students.

Our student council made the compassionate decision to donate two hundred and fifty dollars to the Grenora Volley Ball team as they were in a bus accident. It makes me so proud to see the great choices that our students make.

As for building maintenance, an electrician is going to check out some of the lightbulbs around the high school. Along with that, some light switches have been replaced in the building. Fiverr, an online marketplace for freelance services, was added throughout the school, providing the students with an opportunity to better their marketing skills. Chromebooks were given throughout the high school and middle school to raise productivity and help the students learn faster.

In other news, Kelly Holland passed his airlock requirements and is now allowed to drive buses. Some limiting factors such as rough roads and a needing for an eight-passenger vehicle may slow down the process of changing any bus route, making it easier for students who reside in midway to attend school here in Big Sandy.

The School Board voted on some assistant coaches. Girl’s high school basketball assistant coach will be Shaela Waelen; the boys’ basketball assistant coach is Travis Baumann. Jeri Roth is the new volunteer cheerleading coach. For our junior high girls’ basketball coach: Travis Bauman, and for the boys: Thomas Dilworth.

High school student requested a scary movie after dinner for the Halloween dance this year. After a lengthy discussion about dates and times, the tentative date for the dance is October 29th, 2019. From the sounds of it, this year is going to be a blast! Remember to get your costumes soon, Halloween is coming right around the corner.

This last week, our FFA team traveled to Roy to compete in the competition. Catheryn Bold took overall first place, and junior and senior livestock teams both took third. It makes me happy to

learn that our teams put in quite a bit of effort and to see them do so well.

The Board approved the trip that our FFA team will make to go to nationals. It does sound like an amazing and educational trip for all of the students and staff. I am sad to hear that a couple of our team will not make it due to conflicting schedules. However, I am sure they will enjoy their time just as much. Keep in mind; we do need to raise money for this trip, donations are welcome.

The goals for our School Board this year include: continuing to involve the students with social activities, they wish to reach out to the community better, recruitment and retention of quality staff, continuing to improve academic standards across the Board, and recruitment of bus drivers to maintain routes and activities. These are all very important to the Board, and they always do such a great job. I don’t think we can ever thank them enough for all of their hard work.

On a closing note, it was mentioned there is a need to improve Pioneer sportsmanship. As a community and as a people, we should show respect and discipline towards other teams and officials. They all work incredibly hard at what they do, and I can’t imagine being in their shoes. So please remember to be kind and thoughtful towards others


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