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Trunk or Treat is back this year! Children of the Corn-Dog Truck


October 30, 2019

Every Halloween for the past four years, Patti Pegar has used her food truck to give out corn dogs to the community. It has become a tradition between her and her husband, Don Pegar. The first year in 2014, they gave out hot dogs, and every year after, it’s been corn dogs. This is an excellent opportunity to give back to the community. “Giving something to kids and parents who may live out of town, making it easier to enjoy the night of spooky festivities and not have to worry about dinner,” Patti said. They spend as much on the corn dogs that they used to spend on candy alone.

Along with a food truck, some folks from the community get together on Main St. for a fun trunk-or-treat. This is where people will decorate their cars and fill their trunk with candy. This way, if the cold becomes too much, kids and parents don’t have to be wandering the streets too late after dark.

This tradition is so important to the community. Many of the folks involved closely in our traditions live miles out of town, and that makes it very hard to walk around all night, going from door to door with their kiddos. By the end of the night, they’re tired, and it’s late, and it makes for a long drive home. With trunk or treat, they don’t have to be walking around all night. It saves time and gives parents a chance to get together and visit.

This tradition was started by a group of three community-involved ladies who wanted to gather more people together in this time of year. The ladies who started this four-year tradition are Amy Sibra, Lisa Sipler, and Patti Pegar. These lovely ladies have gone above and beyond the town’s expectations and deserve some gratitude. The food truck will be ready to serve at 6 pm on Maint St. so as you’re out strolling the streets, stop in, grab some treats, and make sure you say Thank You.


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