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FE Miley's First Quarter Golden Students


November 20, 2019

We have been implementing some good behavior rewards through the MBI system over the last year and a half at the Elementary School. Students are given golden tickets by teachers and staff when they are seen having good behavior. We collect the golden tickets by classroom and each week a winner is drawn. If you've been following the FE Miley Facebook page you have probably seen pictures of students receiving their Golden Ticket rewards, things like the VIP table at lunch, having apple cider with a friend, root beer floats with the principal, class popcorn parties, etc. We've been compiling the data this year and have picked a student from each class who has not only earned the most golden tickets for their class but also displays our three school wide goals of Respectful, Responsible and Safe. Here's a list of winners and what their teachers had to say about them.

Kindergarten- Ella Chauvet- She is very helpful and a friend to everyone. She sets a great example of what respectful, responsible, and safe behavior looks like everyday.- Mrs. Weaver

First Grade- Paezlee Heppner-Paezlee keeps our classroom in order all the time, even when it is not her own mess. She also is always on task and never complains about all the work we do. Paezlee will go out of her way to help others every single day!-Mrs. Hanson

Second Grade- Filly Hass- Filly has been doing a great job of helping her friends! She is working very hard to be kind and responsible. She has a huge heart and she always makes us giggle! -Ms. Terry

Third Grade- Audrey Idleman- Audrey is always willing to work hard and do her best. She is very good at helping others. She has an attention to detail, so her art projects and homework look wonderful every time. -Mrs. Moore

Fourth Grade- Garrett Lefurgey- He is kind, considerate, hard working, and does everything that's asked of him. He is very respectful of the teachers and the other students. - Mrs. Keller

Fifth Grade-Quinn Rodewald- Quinn is a hard working student who is more than willing to help others. He is always kind and respectful to teachers, staff and peers. He is a great role model for all of the students at our school. -Ms. Darlington

Sixth Grade- Ella Idleman-Ella is the student that every teacher would love to have in their class. She is always going over and beyond to be helpful. I believe Ella's goal is to help everyone see the best in themselves, I know she has helped me to strive to be the best I can be. -Mrs. Worrall


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