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Erin Taylor, Violinist for The Great Falls Youth Orchestra


December 11, 2019

I want to start by congratulating Erin Taylor on becoming a violinist for the Great Falls Youth Orchestra.

Erin is a senior at Big Sandy Highschool, where she is involved in sports, music, and the FFA. She grew up with three brothers, one younger and two older. They resided in Dillon, where Erin had the opportunity to join the Junior Fiddlers, a group of young musicians that plays old tunes on old fiddles. The Junior Fiddlers is a great chance to get together with other musicians who have the same interests. It was an excellent way to introduce a young Erin to the world of music.

Erin started playing when she was seven, 11 years ago. When she began playing, Erin struggled to perform in front of people. It may have been difficult, but with Dillon's Junior Fiddlers, she gained confidence. Erin had several opportunities with the Junior Fiddlers and made great friends. You would never guess that she struggled with that anymore. "She loves to play for others and share her talents," says Wendy Taylor, her mother.

Erin works hard to keep up on her studies and still leaves time for extracurricular activities. Not only does she play basketball and take part in track, but she is also involved in Church and FFA. Wendy explains that Erin is super organized and doesn't like to fall behind on anything. Of course, one of the struggles of being a part of the Great Falls Youth Orchestra is driving back and forth every Sunday. Between icy roads and missing some family time, it can't be easy.

Wendy would like to say, "Erin is amazing in so many different aspects of her life. From music to school to sports, she is very well rounded in the many different things that she is involved in. But more than anything, she is kind, loving, and so fun to be with. We love her and are so blessed to have her in our family!"

Wendy and her whole family are incredibly proud of Erin for making her dreams come true. She overcame her fear of playing in front of people and is now a violinist for the Great Falls Youth Choir. A huge congratulations to her! I hope this opens many doors for her future.


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