4th & 5th grade classes New Year's Resolutions


January 1, 2020

4th Grade

Astrid Ketchum

When The New Year comes I’m ready to go back to swim team each year. I want to get better at my swim team events. My goal is to beat my toughest competition, Audrey Young.

Colter Han

Learn to skate board. Get roller skates, drive my own combine, and learn to drive a semi.

Natty Lavenger

I want to be honest with friends and family, I would like to be nicer to my sis, and get better grades. I would like to get contacts instead of glasses and learn cursive.

Natalie Heppner

I would like to ride my horse more. I would like to be better at art and drawing. I would like to not be scared when I ride my horse.

I would like to be a professional track star.

Raea Hammons

When the New Year comes I would like to be better in art class, and become a good artisit. I would like to go to gymnastics. I would likeo to receive more A’s in school. I would like to be a responsible person in school and out.

Aidan Morsette

I want to “one hand” big footballs, and land a back flip in the ground.

Lyndee Worrall

I would like to be able to run faster. I would also like to be able to do a cart wheel better.

Tommy Sant

Get better at football. Get stronger and be nicer. I would like to be able to run long distances.

Daijalin Sunchild

I would like to get better grades in school. I would like to be more responsible.

5th Grade

Elaina Weaver

Keep my room clean!!

Quinn Rodeald

My goal is to get an A in Science

Sammy Bjornestad

My goal is to not doubt myself. “Cookie”

David Morsette

My goal is to be smarter.

Triston Torres

To get A’s.

Harley Labuda

My goal is to finish my kindness chart and to make Taylor smile.

Eyon Sherbrurn

My goal is get better at basketball.

Jaxon Jones

My new year resolution is get better at writing.

Joshua Hagen

My goal is to grow.

Bailey Heppner

To be great at basketball.

Faith Cator

My goal is to workout with my mom.

Owen Allderdice

Get an A plus.

Jayton Ophus

To do dive in swimming.


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