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October 14, 2020

Eighty three (83) youth from ages 5 to 13 participated in the 17th annual Rotary Punt, Pass & Kick competition at the Big Sandy High School football complex on Friday October 9th. "Weather conditions for this year's event were perfect", said Richard Roth who has helped put on the event since its inception. "It is great to see kids, parents, teachers and volunteers getting out to help and enjoy the fun and sun." The Big Sandy Pioneers football team was on hand to help with the event too. "It's a great tie-in to have the football players interacting with the young boys and girls who support them on the sidelines. Many of those varsity players now were once PP&K participants", Roth said.

Thanks to all the parents, Big Sandy football players, and Rotarians who helped make this year's event a success.

Girls ages 5-7

1st Daezlee Heppner

2nd D'Aree Sunchld and Adonia Tery

3rd Kyrsta Cline

Boys ages 5-7

1st Julian Demontney

2nd Riley Brown

3rd Caysen Archer

Girls 8-9

1st Makenzie Werk

2nd Marquelle Houl

3rd Lexie Jones

Boys 8-9

1st Henry Merrill

2nd Davy Overbay

3rd Gabe Cline

Girls 10-11

1st Natalie Heppner

2nd Raea Hammons

3rd Harley Labuda

Boys 10-11

1st Quinn Rodewald

2nd Tommy Sant

3rd Garrett Lefurgey

Girls 12-13

1st Elaina Weaver

2nd Jenny Sant

Boys 12-13

1st Darrell Sunchld

2nd Wesley Cox


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