Happenings at the Big Sandy Medical Center


November 25, 2020

The Halloween festivities have come and gone here at BSMC. This year's celebration looked a little different without the parade of goblins and ghouls from FE Miley. Heather Wolery was so kind to provide a slideshow of each of the kids with their costumes on. The staff continued the costume contest tradition and didn't hold anything back this year. The building was decorated, top to bottom, and the Halloween Party was hosted on October 30. For the last 3 years, the nursing staff has won the costume contest, as voted by the residents. This year the residents voted on the following costumes: Sister Witches: Colette Terry, Brandy Terry; Scooby-Doo and crew: Laci Labuda-Daphney, Patty Pegar- Scooby, Lisa Sipler-Monster, Kurt Strutz-Fred, Sarah Bendig-Velma, and Lisa Generoux-Shaggy; Mystical Creatures: Morgan Simpson-Mother Nature, Samantha Potter-The Great Pumpkin, Ashley Allderdice-Tooth Fairy, Lynn Faber-Santa Claus, Quin Pegar-Easter Bunny; Moana: Maui-Zane Bendig, Moana-Suzy Labuda, Te Fiti-Michele Manhart; Tiger King: Joe Exotic-Carla Gilman, Carole Baskin-Dusty Allderdice; Ghost-Nadine Poitra. The residents voted for the best-dressed group, as well as the best-dressed individual. Breaking the nursing staff winning streak was, "Scooby-Doo and Crew," winning a pizza party this year. The individual award went to Ashley Allderdice as the tooth fairy. There were spiders, bats, and ghosts in the halls, spider webs everywhere, and "Thing" from the Addams Family made an appearance in the tub room. The staff decorated witches' hats before the party and the residents voted on their favorite hat, as well as the best-decorated department. Lisa Sipler won the witch hat contest; and the kitchen was voted best decorated. The residents enjoyed creepy drinks and spooky snacks throughout the day. To top it all off, the residents trick-or-treated around the facility. The day was not quite the same as years past, but it was still enjoyed by all.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that holiday will look different than in years past as well. There are currently no plans to allow family visits during mealtime. Instead, we will celebrate as a BSMC family with the traditional turkey dinner, served family-style, in the dining room. We remain grateful for the health of our staff and residents this year. Thus far, the precautions we have in place have proved successful, despite the discomfort of missing our families and friends. In the 2019-2020 flu season, there were no positive cases among residents; and thus far, no positive cases of Influenza OR Covid-19 among our residents. It is certainly difficult to continue to keep our doors locked to visitors; but we do continue to allow for scheduled visits. One-hour visits are offered on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 10:30 am, 1:30 pm, and 6:00 pm. Each visit is limited to 2 adults; everyone wears a mask and must

stay 6 feet apart. We appreciate your continued cooperation and understanding of these guidelines. As long as we adhere to the rules and keep everyone healthy, we can continue to offer visits. To schedule a visit with a resident, please call 378-2188.

While you come in for a visit, you are also welcome to get your flu shot. BSMC has vaccines available for children and adults; please call 378-2189 to set up a time to get yours. The drive-through flu shot clinics were a huge success. Thank you to those who participated!

As we are gearing up for the winter season, holiday season, and entering into our 11th consecutive month with visitor restrictions, we continue to remind you that cards, letters, and gifts are always welcome. Mail can be addressed to the resident "In Care Of BSMC" at PO Box 530, Big Sandy, MT 59520. At this time, we are not allowing any homemade foods into the building; but any prepackaged items are acceptable. If you'd like to offer the residents gifts for Christmas, please contact Lisa Sipler, at 378-2188, ext 3924.

Outside of visitor restrictions, you will notice that all employees are wearing masks inside of the building; and everyone is screened before each shift. New patients or residents are kept on a 14-day quarantine after admission to ensure they are well before spending time with the other residents. Our housekeeping crew is taxed with increased procedures to keep all areas clean, especially high-touch surfaces. ER and clinic patients are screened before entering the building when possible and, if needed, are treated in the trailer to prevent possible contamination of the ER or clinic. Increased PPE (gowns, face shields, etc.) is worn if indicated and all staff has been instructed to keep a change of clothes available in the event of exposure. Dr. Robertson, Krystyl Kulbeck, PA, and Zane Bendig, NP, along with Leah Griffith, CEO, Ashley Allderdice, DON, Lorraine Hansen, Infection Control, and Dusty Allderdice, Emergency Preparedness, continue to study and follow the latest guidelines from the CDC to aide in keeping our residents and staff safe.

Outside of Halloween, we also celebrated Shirley Pearson's birthday! Birthdays are a big deal around here and this one was no different. Her party included some sweet gifts, ice cream, and fellowship. We also get to celebrate several new members to our BSMC team in different departments. We are glad to have them on our team. Currently, the following FT/PT positions are available: RN/CNA and Laboratory Manager. You can apply by going to http://www.bsmc.org or calling 378-2188.

We look forward to the holiday season and the continued health and well-being of our community. Please continue to protect yourself and your loved ones, wash your hands, and call BSMC for any questions or concerns you may have about your health. We are always happy to help and we thank you for being the heart of BSMC.


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