BSMC: One Year Later


March 17, 2021

It has been a year since the COVID-19 pandemic began; and Big Sandy Medical Center continues to make the health and safety of our patients and staff a top priority. We are proud to say we had just one outbreak episode, resulting in no loss of life. We learned a great deal over the past year that helped us improve quality of care moving forward. The fact that our staff does an amazing job was reinforced; BSMC is full of the most caring and fun staff. There are not enough ways and words to show them the appreciation they deserve. Laughter, love, and a shared purpose is what got us through this past year. Yet it still continues; we are still living with the virus in both our work and personal lives. We encourage everyone to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The County Health Department and Big Sandy Pharmacy have the vaccine available. If you are 18 and older, give them a call and get on their lists.

BSMC is excited to open up visitation a bit more since the county positivity rate has remained low and restrictions are relaxed. Visits still need scheduled but are available 7 days a week by simply calling a nurse at 378-2188, option 1. Please schedule a time to see your loved ones. They have endured this year with strength and understanding; but they need to see you. We are planning more outdoor activities as the weather becomes agreeable, as we know sunshine and physical activity can do so much for the residents’ spirits. So, come! Take a walk, fill the bird feeders, sit down and visit, HUG! “Like” our Facebook page to see all the wonderful things we are up to like holiday parties, sloth hunting, and beach ball drumming.

BSMC recognizes recent issues with our internal and 3rd party billing processes. We understand your concerns; we have the same and are making it a priority to rectify the problems as quickly as possible. Please do not hesitate to call the Business Office at 378-2188, option 4, if you have questions or if statements or letters you receive need clarification. We are here to answer those questions; your feedback is helpful and appreciated.

BSMC Board of Directors, Medical Staff, Administration, and key Managers held a strategic planning session last weekend guided by a Montana-based management firm, Cypress Healthcare, LLC, that specializes in rural healthcare. They will continue assisting the Board with recognizing and implementing plans for the future. The session consisted of reviewing BSMC’s mission, vision, and values; recognizing strengths and opportunities; and discussing how best to continue providing necessary, quality services for the Big Sandy community and surrounding area. The mission statement was condensed to now read: “To provide quality patient care in an innovative and professional manner.” The vision statement was revised to now read: “To be our community’s healthcare provider and employer of first choice.”

BSMC has some significant upcoming projects, utilizing COVID-19 Provider Relief Funds and donations. These include maintenance to the fire sprinkler system; a new generator to cover the entire facility; replacement of boilers and additional ventilation; new sidewalks; various equipment to improve patient care; and updated nurses’ station to address privacy and infection control concerns. Our big goal this year is to renovate the kitchen, which will be another huge, exciting project!

Finally, to allow for more collaboration and participation in other community meetings, the Board chose to change their monthly meetings to every third Thursday (not Tuesday) at 5:30pm. The next meeting will be Thursday, March 25th, then meetings will follow the new “every third Thursday” thereafter. We encourage community members to attend these open meetings as BSMC was originally built by the community, for the community, and needs that continued support.


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