The Big Sandy Mountaineer -

BSHS Seniors Spaced Out!


May 19, 2021

The Big Sandy High School senior class experienced an amazing educational opportunity, thanks to a generous donation from the Big Sandy Education Foundation. As part of their senior sneak trip, they visited Kennedy Space Center, home of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). They toured the Apollo Saturn 5 Rocket Complex and toured the space shuttle Atlantis, which found its home at KSC in 2013 after the shuttle missions ended in 2011. They also experienced a launch simulator, which provides a realistic space shuttle launch experience and learned about NASA's Artemis mission to Mars.

After visiting Kennedy Space Center, they visited Cocoa Beach, where several of the students experienced the Atlantic Ocean and surfing for the first time.

The senior class would like to express their gratitude to the Foundation board members, who made this incredible experience possible.


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