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book Review by Michael


June 15, 2022

Sleight of Hand is a crime novel by Phillip Margolin. A private eye investigator from Washington

D.C. named Dana Cutler is called to investigate a missing scepter in Seattle, Washington, but discovers that it’s a prank. But the case takes a turn when the wife of a millionaire is murdered. Who also was the one who started the prank. A criminal attorney, Charles Benedict is the lawyer for the Seattle millionaire Horace Blair, who is suspected of murdering his wife, Carrie Baire. Dana Cutler becomes involved in the case, trying to figure out why Horace killed his wife. Every time a clue comes, it turns missing, or a witness is killed, leaving Dana perplexed and wondering if the murder is a set up to hide a brilliant killer.

This novel was a great read and kept me guessing throughout the book! I love how you can see through the eyes of the killer and the detectives, which kept me intrigued, and I couldn’t stop reading it. This book reminds me of John Grisham because it has courtroom parts. I don’t always like courtroom novels, but this was so good that it changed my opinion. Another thing that I liked about this book is the location—Seattle. I’ve been there, and it’s nice to read about a place I’m familiar with. If you like reading courtroom murder mysteries, then I recommend this for you to read.


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