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After two years the Medical Guild held their Rummage Sale, it was HUGE success


October 19, 2022

The Medical Guild Rummage Sale took place last weekend (October 6th and 7th) with record-breaking results. The fundraiser helps the Medical Guild purchase supplies, equipment, and necessities for the Big Sandy Medical Center. Lisa Sipler, who helps organize the sale for the guild, explained that “this year was the biggest year as far as stuff (donations) because of COVID and not having the rummage sale for two years. I think everybody, including myself, stored stuff away and then brought it all in. It was bigger than it’s ever been. Money wise. It was about $1,000 more than it was two years ago, back in 2018.” In total, the sale raised $11,665.25. The pie counter raised $3,177.25. The sale itself brought in $5,730. The raffle raised $1,658.

The increased total is especially important after two years of not bringing in any fundraising money due to the lockdowns 2 years ago and a Covid outbreak in the months preceding last year’s sale that prompted the cancelation of several community events. The Medical Guild did have some income during the off years. “For the last two years, we still applied for the Lippard-Claiwiter Foundation Grant.” The Lippard-Claiwiter Foundation was created in the 80s and distributes grants to nonprofits in Chouteau County.

In terms of donations of things to sell off at the rummage sale itself, donations were way up. I volunteered throughout the week and have been for years. The tables, shelves, and clothes racks were full by the end of the first day of donations. By the last day that donations were accepted the sale overflowed into the back area. Lisa explained “Usually we just do outdoor stuff, yard stuff, or furniture outside. And this year, we actually had clothes out there and kitchen stuff. And you know, the trailer was full of stuff.” The trailer has historically been used to store furniture and bulkier items that they don’t want to leave outside overnight, but is too large to store well inside.

With the sale completed, the guild has already met to debrief this year’s sale and start the preliminary discussions for next year. “We had a meeting yesterday and talked everything out. What worked, what didn’t work, and what do we want to do different next year.” Typically, the meeting takes place around a month after the sale ends. This year, the Guild agreed to “meet early and talk about what worked and what didn’t work well. It’s still in our little minds. So (we’ve got) lots of good ideas for next year already.” One particular success this year was the decision to keep the sale open later on Thursday than they typically would. The additional time gave folks an opportunity to shop after they got off of work.

Lisa offered quite a few thank you’s and acknowledgements to the community for making the event happen. “We want to thank Josh Danreuther for feeding us, The Grocery Store, Gloria for handling the hall, the bank for displaying all the raffle items that were donated by various people. Also, Dustin Kulbeck for allowing us to use his trailer. Darren and Jeremiah Genereux for hauling all the stuff yesterday up to Helping Haven… the leftover stuff, it was a trailer full. Lorrie at The Mountaineer. The list of all the people to thank goes on and on. Also the volunteers for what those women and men do all week long.” Hearing Lisa work through the list of everyone who helped pull off the sale, and reflecting on how the community generously donated, it became clear that the Guild and its work for the Medical Center are supported by the whole community.

Much of the proceeds from this year’s sale will go toward the renovation of the Medical Center’s Kitchen.


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