By Emiene 

Four New Year's Resolutions you will want to accomplish:


January 4, 2023

1. Detox yourself from social media. Are there benefits to social media? Absolutely! You can share information about your job and get your information out there to the world. You can discuss game times with your school, teachers, and coaches. You can share pictures of your loved ones with other family members who live far away—all great things mentioned above. But let’s talk about the realistic part of social media…it can be addicting. You also may become someone you’re not, hiding behind a screen. Do you let it bother you when someone says or posts something you disagree with? Sometimes it will consume you, and that’s all you can focus on. You want to say something, and you may end up regretting what you say. But let’s talk about what the statistics say about social media: Matthew Woodward did a study and outlined every one of his findings on his webpage, and his stats are worldly stats, not just in the US. Over 210 million people worldwide suffer from social media addiction. 90% of 18-29 have one or more social media platforms. 40% of young people say that their sleep is affected by social media. We could continue down this path, but let’s figure out how to detox ourselves. Here are some ways: (1) Limit your screen time and limit your social media time. (2) Delete the apps off your phone. (3) Share with a friend or loved one your plans. (4) Turn off your notification. (5) Remember you don’t have to be available 24/7.

2. Start exercising. Or begin again. When you first start thinking about exercising. Start researching what you’d like to do before you go and spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and set goals for yourself. Do you want to lose weight? Just get in shape? Write these goals down. Start small. Take small steps. Start with small reps or amount of time. Make sure you stretch and take your time with your goals. You eventually want these goals as standards, so make sure they are attainable. If it takes you longer than you thought it, keep going. Don’t give up! Just remember you are better off than you used to be and are working towards your standards.

3. Eat healthier. Research different nutrition plans and how many calories you should eat a day for your age and weight according to your activity level. The worst thing you could do is make drastic changes to your diet without proper research. Again, start small. Set small goals. Follow a plan, eat less sugar and drink more water. Drinking more water is essential to getting on track with your body’s needs. Ilana Muhlstein (creator of the nutrition plan, 2B Mindset) suggests drinking before you eat and drinking half your body weight in fluid ounces throughout the day. Her program has been highly successful for hundreds of thousands of people. Once you start obtaining your nutritional goals, start turning them into standards too!

4. Be a better human being. This "resolution" should come naturally for us, but it’s not, and some of us need a refresher. Start with being more kind. Say hello to a stranger, hold a door, and allow someone to pass in front of you. Forgive people. Whatever someone may have done to upset you, forgive them. It’s in the past; let it stay there. Bless others. There are so many studies done that have proved the power of blessing. Read the book, "The Miracle and Power of Blessing"; it will change your life. Be grateful for what you have. Don’t think about the things you want, be happy with what you have. Be thankful for the life you live and the blessings you have in it. Lastly, want less. This goes hand in hand with gratitude. Appreciate the little things in life. Be in the moment. Don’t worry about your future; live day to day with gratitude.

Of course, all of us make resolutions that we fail to keep. The good news is that each year is an *opportunity* for a fresh start. But then, so is each week. Every Sunday is the first day of the week – a new beginning. Actually, every day is an opportunity for a new beginning

A New Year means a new start, so make it the best. Tell loved ones you love them, go to church more, and thank God for your blessings. Live a life you are proud of, and be in the moment daily. Worry less and be happy! Happy New Year!


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