Lainey Terry ready for her Senior year of basketball


December 6, 2023

This year, Lainey Terry is the only senior on the Lady Pioneer basketball team. One year ago this week, Lainey "ended up tearing my ACL in the very first preseason game last year." It is healed now, but sometimes it just hurts."

Laniey said, "I think my team will be going very far this year, and we are just working on getting to that goal."

The girl's team has always worked hard. Partly because every girl sees themselves winning and partly because they have a coach who demands they work hard. She sees herself as a leader helping the girls to "just be the one to no matter what mistake you make, it doesn't matter." Lainey has learned this herself and wants to help the younger girls learn it quickly. Just do your best! Is that correct?

I wish Lady Pioneers luck this year, and I see Lainey as a leader. She has gone through a lot, and she will be able to help every one of those girls on her team.

This is Lainey's last year. We need to get everybody in town to come to the games. Because these girls will give us a show, they work hard. It's not going to be a slowdown game at all.


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