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January 31, 2024

Never too late to wish the community a Happy 2024. May this new year bring wonderful new memories and friendships.

December, as we all know was a remarkably busy month, with the winter stroll, holiday parties, family gatherings and unbelievable weather. January arrived with Mother nature going through menopause. We had some extremely fridged days then her hot flashes came back warming up the temperatures outdoors leaving one to wonder what she has instore for the rest of the winter months.

Well here at the senior center we took on mother nature by shoveling snow and deicing the front walk so our guests could still arrive for morning coffee, caramel rolls, and lunch. Our crowd grew daily until we were back to our regular daily crowd.

We had some awesome volunteers help us out with plowing the back parking lot and taking the trash to the dump. A big thank you to the brothers, Rod, and Raymond Courtnage. We would also like to give a shout out to Carla and Raymond Courtnage, Rhonda Works and Bill and Wendy Kleinsasser for taking on the ice and snow to deliver meals and helping those they deliver to by shoveling, checking in on the people we deliver to ensure they were doing ok and for getting their mail from their boxes and taking it to the door. If you see these awesome volunteers around town, please tell them thank you for the things they do when it comes to helping our seniors.

Now that February is knocking on the door, we are planning a few things to liven up the cold winter months. Come on out to Pinochle every Thursday at 2pm and enjoy the company of other pinochlers. On the 2nd of February we have Bingo and dinner. Dinner is Beef Stew and homemade rolls, for $8.00 and Bingo is a dollar a card. Dinner starts at 5:30 and bingo at 7. On the 14th bring your valentines to lunch, for $12.00 you get a rib dinner consisting of pork ribs, potatoes, crack green beans, a dinner roll and dessert. As the year unfolds we hope to be adding more activities to the calendar. We are planning to have a dinner and bingo night every other month. On Thursdays we are playing with every other Thursday doing caramel rolls for $3.00 and the next Thursday doing breakfast burritos also for $3.00. other thoughts in mind are would anyone be interested in a poker day, exercise class on DVD, reading club or any other types of fun activities? Please let me know we would love to hear your ideas. Just drop me a line at or mail me at: senior center po box 263, Big Sandy, MT 59520.

Just a friendly reminder, Big Sandy senior center is open to all no matter how young or how old. We do deliver to those seniors who live in town and are unable to get out and pickup or eat meals at the center, to deliver all that is needed is for you to call in let us fill out some paperwork over the phone and we can deliver starting that day. If you normally come in for meals and can’t get out of your driveway because of snow and ice let us know before 10am and we will do our best to deliver for you.

We are hoping to purchase a gas BBQ, popcorn machine and snow cone machine before summer with the funds made on bingo nights. This would make it nice for summer menus, activities and the kids heading to the pool this summer. We are also trying to think of ways to raise money to get a generator so when power goes out we are able to continue serving, provide power for those with oxygen, and heat for everyone in need. If you have any ideas please share them with us.

I would like to take a moment an thank everyone who donated, volunteered, and supported the senior center in the year 2023. Our senior center is for the community and every penny and every helping hand along with all meals served helps in making the senior center a place to come and enjoy.


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