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  • Prevent Tick-Borne Diseases While Enjoying the Outdoors

    Melinda Myers|Jun 19, 2019

    You’ve grabbed your water bottle, sunscreen and hat for a hike in the park or some gardening. Add a bit of tick protection to your must-have items when you head out the door for an adventure, to garden or play. Continue enjoying the outdoors by enlisting a variety of strategies to limit your risk of exposure to ticks and the disease pathogens they transmit. Here are just a few of the ways to increase your safety and enjoyment. Wear light colored clothing to more easily spot the tick before it moves onto your skin. Wear long pants and tuck t...

  • Low Maintenance Flower Garden Care

    Melinda Myers|May 11, 2016

    Grow a beautiful flower garden with minimal care by investing a bit of time at the start of the season to reduce on-going care. Always match flowers to the growing conditions and the care you are willing to provide. Low maintenance plants need minimal or no deadheading and staking. This means you’ll be growing good-looking plants with little effort on your part. And if the plants are suited to the growing conditions and resistant to common pests you’ll be doing less work managing insect and disease problems. Further reduce your workload by sele...

  • Create a Garden Anywhere with Straw Bales

    Melinda Myers|Apr 20, 2016

    Add productive garden space and raise your planting bed with straw bale gardening. This technique allows gardeners to create raised bed gardens on a patio, lawn or any area with poor compacted soil. Straw bale gardening has been around for centuries, but thanks to Joel Karsten's book "Straw Bale Gardens" it has gained new popularity. All that is needed are a few straw bales, fertilizer, a bit of compost and time to condition, plant and water the garden. Be sure to purchase straw bales made from...