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  • In The Garden

    Muriel Silvan|Apr 13, 2016

    Compost As soon as it warms and dries a little we can finish cleaning the flower beds and put leaves and stems in the compost pile. Any thatch and grass clippings can also be used as compost or as mulch. Any weeds or trimmings can be added. Mix everything together and add a few shovels full of good garden soil as you are mixing it to get started working. In a few months you will have pure garden gold. Lawn care We are beginning to hear lawn mowers and garden tillers. The soil is still wet but by the middle of this week, it may be good and ready...

  • In The Garden

    Muriel Silvan|Jan 13, 2016

    Many of us started indoor gardening as a child. We had our own plant or some seeds to plant and grow inside. We grew the orange or lemon seeds or an avocado seed. We were probably encouraged by our mothers. Now we have the joy to share this interest with our children and grandchildren. One of the many joys of growing houseplants is sharing with others. Take an evening to relax and make an inventory of your gardening summer and its pleasures, problems and hopes. Set realistic goals to make your coming garden as usable, productive and beautiful a...

  • In The Garden

    Muriel Silvan|Jan 6, 2016

    The simple things you do every day, from the cup of coffee you drink in the morning to the lights you turn on at night, all have an impact on birds. As we human beings expand our presence on Earth, our lives intersect more and more with the wildlife around us. Our everyday activities increasingly erode their habitats, deplete their food supplies and create new dangers for them to face. If we want to protect the birds around us and preserve their future, we need to begin to conduct our lives...

  • In The Garden

    Muriel Silvan|Dec 2, 2015

    Plants in your home are not only decorative but scientists have found them to be suprisingly useful in absorbing potentially harmful gases and cleaning the air inside modern buildings. Tightly sealed offices and homes with their beautiful furnishings are proving to be hostile environments. All sorts of dangers lurk inside- formaldehyde and benzene fumes released from building materials, furniture, and carpeting; ozone from machines, fumes from cleaning supplies, radon and second hand smoke. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)...

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