Bear Paw Meanderings

Fall foliage is early this year. I went to Glacier National Park last weekend and saw wonderful fall foliage way before October 1 which is very early.

It also looked as if Glacier National Park officials are keeping Going-To-The-Sun Road open longer and the foliage up there was spectacular to say the least although when we got to the top of Logan Pass the temperature was about 38 in the middle of the day and there was a very cold wind blowing in from the east. Made for not staying out of the car long at the top.

I have not mentioned going in search of fall foliage in the Little Rockies yet. There some of the best fall foliage can be seen in that part of Montana.

I like to travel east of Lodgepole to the Malta/Fred L. Robinson Bridge road, then up Bear Gulch and into Zortman where the fall foliage is glorious this time of year. Great place to stay overnight in Zortman at the Buckhorn Cabins and there is a wonderful bar and restaurant there too. As a matter of fact that is a good place to hide out for the weekend just like Kid Curry and his gang did so many years ago.

As beautiful as the foliage is around Zortman and around Landusky as well, for that matter, the real spot of beauty is to check out the foliage this time of year in Mission Canyon just east of Hays.

There the brilliant white of limestone walls mingles with glorious reds, yellows and golds and the dark green of the lodge pole pines, well it is a great place to stop and spend some time.

There are camping and picnic stops all along the road which ends up giving spectacular views of Mission Peak.

If you are looking for history tied to beauty and a good place to spend a few days, don’t miss Zortman and the Little Rockies any time of the year but fall foliage time is really beautiful!

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