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A Book Review: Farm Stories, a fading dream


December 6, 2017

I have just finished one of the most delightful Big Sandy books I have ever read. I liked it because it takes place in the 1940’s and it is plotted between Havre and Big Sandy.

As the story opens Loretta Johnson is born in 1947. Her family dreamed of farming,

As a matter of fact the book is entitled, “Farm Stories, a Fading dream”.

If you love a ration of pictures to go with the stories, this is the book for you as each page is overloaded with pics.

I have to laugh when I see those pictures as I could have been in some of them. Brambles, The Up and Up Cafe, Bobs Drive in, I was in all of those pictures.

Then the Johnson family moved to Big Sandy and built a brand new house where they would all stay during school times. The men planted and grew wheat in strips while the women and children feared going to school and getting into situations they didn’t need to get into.

This is a wonderful book about an amazing time

“I have so many memories

That I have collected through the years.

Dreams and thoughts and feelings,

And favorite family times.

I share them with you as a legacy of love,

and a personal connection to my past.

Loretta A, Johnson


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