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Take Care of Yourself: February is Heart Health Month


February 7, 2018

High School Annex gym equipment. You can go to the school office and they will set you up with a fob for a fee, and you can access the gym, cardio room, and annex anytime.

The first Friday of February is Heart Health Day and the month of February is "Take Care of Yourself" Month. Many of us have already abandoned our New Year goal to get healthy by now, so why not look at the issue again and have a look at what we can do about it. We all have heard before what is necessary to be healthier person. Krystl Kulbeck, PA-C, at the Big Sandy Medical Center simplified it for us. All we need to do is make correct food choices and exercise. She doesn't believe one exercise is more important than another. She said, "just moving, in some form of exercise, at least 30 minutes each day." Why don't we just do it? "It's difficult to develop a pattern of exercise in Montana. We are busy here and it's too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, and you hurt when you first start exercising." However, she agreed that many of our illness, and pain could be eliminated with healthy life choices. You can almost guarantee yourself a healthier and more satisfying life while lowering your risks for heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Our food choices make a huge difference in our health. Krystl said the "Mediterranean food plan could have an enormously positive effect to our health. The food plan reduces our mortality rate more than quitting smoking does!"

The National Geographic "Blue Zones" research sheds light on the habits and values of people who live the longest around the world. According to their data in comparing the groups who have the longest life expectancy there are nine areas that are common between the groups. They are: 1) Move naturally for exercise; 2) Know your purpose. Have a reason for waking up in the morning; 3) Kick Back. Learn to relax and have a happy time; 4) Eat less. Stop eating when you are 80% full; 5) Eat less meat; 6) Drink in moderation; 7) Have faith. Denomination doesn't seem to matter, but attending a faith based service 4 times a month does; 8) Put your family first; and 9) Build a social network that supports healthy behaviors. If you are interested in joining this kind of network leave your name at the Bear Paw Deli and you'll be contacted.

Julie Myers, wife of Matt Myers, has opened a new business called LIFT which stands for "longevity inspired functional training". Julie said, "I wanted it to represent a life style change that would help in all aspects of your life. It would help you live longer and get more out of it." There will be a nutritional class February 17th 11:00-12:00, "because you can't train bad diets". Please register for the class by February 14th. Her own history is in Cross Fit, so she implements a lot of it in her programming. She uses weights, aerobics, balancing, cardio, and gymnastics. Her classes are generalized enough for everyone, but she modifies them for any person. She has mostly women in her class but there are some senior citizens and men attending. She holds three classes a day four days a week and has one on Friday. Classes are 8:00-9:00 am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; 11:30-12:30 am Tuesday and Thursday; 4:30-5:30 and again 5:30-6:30 Monday through Thursday. She can hold eight students in each class, but will hold a class for just one. "It is something that everyone can benefit from it. Most people believe that you have to get in shape before you come and that just isn't true. Come in as you are." There are of course physical benefits from exercise but she told me that there are medical benefits as well as people are getting off their blood pressure medicine.

Also remember the high school is also open for exercise. You have access to weight machines, treadmills, or just walking around the gym which allows you to exercise

L.I.F.T. gym owner and coach, Julie Myers

when it is cold outside. You can go there and workout even when school is on, as along as the students are not in the gym or using the equipment. After hours, you can get a fob which will allow you to enter the weight and exercise rooms, just contact the high school to pay for it.

The Big Sandy Library also has a display of material you can read to improve your health and all three eating establishments are looking at adding healthier food choices to their menus and will work with you now so that you can eat healthier. Just ask them to alter the food you order. We can become a healthier community if we support one another.

There is some exciting news concerning the opportunity for Big Sandy to have a walking path. Rotary is looking at applying for grants to supply some of the funding for the project. Watch for more news as they work through the many steps before it becomes a reality.


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