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 By Zoe Merrill    News    August 14, 2019 

Chouteau County Fair "Make the Fair Great" August 16-18

The Chouteau County Fair will be taking place Friday, August 16 through Sunday, August 18. The fair’s theme, “Make the Fair Great.” According to Shirley Embleton, Chouteau County Fair Office Manager, they chose the theme because it’s local...

 By Zoe Merrill    News    August 14, 2019 

Wells Fargo Bank Closing its Big Sandy Branch in November

I tried to visit with Wells Fargo personal to ask a few questions. Some of the questions I asked were leading, I admit. I only got the same information everyone received in their letters informing...

 By Zoe Merrill    News    August 14, 2019 

Big Sandy High School Welcomes TJ Bond as the New Music Teacher

Timothy Bond, who prefers to be called TJ, is from Edwardsburg, MI. "I like being out of the city. I love the space. It' nice, quiet, peaceful. The community has been so welcoming. Everything here is...

 By Zoe Merrill    Sports    August 14, 2019 

Barracudas celebrate their year of accomplishments

The end of the swim year for the Big Sandy Barracudas was held on August 8th with a dessert buffet, presentation of awards, slide show of the year, and team swim. It's been a long season with everyone...

 By Zoe Merrill    News    August 14, 2019 

Booster Club plans Fall Kick-Off and purchases needed equipment

Before the Booster Club meeting, the fall sports player/parent meetings were held with new rules concerning Booster club donations to the school. (See Article from Melanie Schwarzbach) The Booster Club met at 8:00 for short, let’s make the... Full story

 By Zoe Merrill    Opinion    August 14, 2019 

Thoughts with Zoe

It was hot that day and still in the high 80's when it approached the hour I go for my walk. I have accepted a #365challenge to go for at least a mile walk/run/bike ride every day for a year. I wasn't...

 By Zoe Merrill    News    August 7, 2019

The Pool repairs a must

Big Sandy received the following letter from the State of Montana Public Health and Sanitarian, Staci Evangeline. “Can you tell me what year the Big Sandy pool was built and any years it had major changes? We need to determine what rules apply to...

 By Zoe Merrill    News    August 7, 2019

Two Barracudas complete their Swimming in Sidney

Senior Swimmers who have swum for 13-14 years have their last walk and dive into the pool at half time during the state swim meet. Tyler Schwarzbach is the son of Shaud and Melanie Schwarzbach and has...

 By Zoe Merrill    News    August 7, 2019

Gasvoda and Sons Farm, a family business

Drive past Gasvoda and Sons Farm you'll notice that Joan Gasvoda has some beautiful flowers attached to the sign at the entrance of their farm. She told me she drives out to water them every day. The...

 By Zoe Merrill    News    July 31, 2019

Fire Season has began; everyone is on high alert

Nothing is scarier than a wildfire uncontrolled. Nothing is more inspiring than a community working together to fight it. The Big Sandy Fire department is well trained and drops everything to help,...

 By Zoe Merrill    News    July 31, 2019

Jaycee Worrall is Bitten by a Rattlesnake

Jaycee Worrall is home and doing well after being bitten by a snake. Calista Worrall wrote, "The girls and I were on a walk at our campsite. We were coming back when I heard them yell "Snake" it was...

 By Zoe Merrill    News    July 31, 2019

Hay Season is in full swing in the area

It's funny, but around here if we were to say "hay" everybody would know what it is. They would know it's made up of dried stems and leaves of a variety of plants. We know it is used to feed animals...

 By Zoe Merrill    News    July 31, 2019

Enter the Chouteau Country Fair Open Class

The Chouteau County Fair is nearly here on Friday August 16 through August 18. It is time to get those entries made. You can find a wide variety of chances even for children to enter on the internet access The following information...

 By Zoe Merrill    News    July 24, 2019

School Board Discuss Immunization and Dress Code

The School Board held their meeting at the usual time. All school personnel and board members were present except Brad Weaver. Maintenance this summer includes new flooring at the FE Miley...

 By Zoe Merrill    News    July 24, 2019

There are Roses , and Then there are Flowers

Georgia Baxter says, "there are roses, and then there are flowers." I drove past her home and noticed she had a beautiful rose garden. She informed me she has 50 different roses. She doesn't remember...

 By Zoe Merrill    News    July 24, 2019

Community Blood Drive, supports Hudson

Georgia Wortman, the organizer of the last blood drive, said, "The American Red Cross Blood Drive on July 16 went great! I had two first-timers (Riley Genereux and Tyler Schwarzbach) and one...

 By Zoe Merrill    Opinion    July 24, 2019

Thoughts with Zoe

It's Time to Fly In December 2017, when I started writing for the Mountaineer, I felt inadequate. In nineteen months, I've improved. I've learned a local paper is essential. Philosophically, I...

 By Zoe Merrill    News    July 17, 2019

Pool Concerns Discussed at City Council

The City Council met on Thursday, July 11th with everyone present except Mayor Shaud Schwarzbach Leslie Gregory reported the Big Sandy Swimming Pool Inspector showed up for a surprise visit and...

 By Zoe Merrill    News    July 17, 2019

Virgelle Outdoor Flea Market Held July 14th

They start with a celebration of community with a potluck on Saturday night, Don provides ribs, beans, and salad. And it was more than just a time to buy from each other. Jimmy Griffin said, "it was...

 By Zoe Merrill    News    July 17, 2019

Tourist attraction: Coal Banks Landing has had plenty of visitors thus far

According to Sandy Broesder a volunteer at Coal Banks and a "full time RV'er", she's having "a blast!" She has minimalist life now, with small house on wheels and a dog, "a little mutt." She spent 40...

 By Zoe Merrill    Sports    July 17, 2019

Barracuda Life Skills

Barracuda swimmers have taught me once again the real value of a sport. This last weekend I attended the swim meet at Conrad both Saturday and Sunday. I was going to interview the kids, but to be hone...

 By Zoe Merrill    News    July 10, 2019

Big Sandy Gun Club: 40 years and still shooting

The Big Sandy Gun Club is over 40 years old. The building was built in the '70s and the club was active way before that according to Steve Stilles. Besides Steve other club officers are Ken Martin...

 By Zoe Merrill    News    July 10, 2019

Glenn Braun, a lover of Rocks of all kinds and from all over

I have always been intrigued by rocks, a gift I received from my mother. I couldn't help but think of her and the hours she would have spent learning from Glenn in his rock house. He must have a ton...

 By Zoe Merrill    News    July 10, 2019

Glenn Koster Is Walking Across America

Glenn Koster is walking across the United States and was recently in Big Sandy for a day. He started in Miami on February 1, 2018, and hopes to finish at the Pacific Ocean on August 26, 2019. He...

 By Zoe Merrill    News    July 10, 2019

Audrey Sipler's dancing wins Scholarship

Audrey Sipler was informed she has won a $500 scholarship from Big Sky State Games. The Scholarship reads, "The Big Sky State Games has teamed up with the CHARACTER COUNTS! Coalition and Kenco...


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