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Time to Register to Vote


March 28, 2018

Republican candidates for Montana’s Senate seat will be Senator Russ Tempel, R-Chester and Brad Lotton of Havre. Brad Lotton was elected as a Montana Delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. He is a former Hill County Republican Chair and the owner of Lotton Construction Company. Russ Temple was selected, in 2017 to replace Kris Hansen, who resigned. Tempel has served as a Liberty County commissioner for 18 years, before he became a Senator. The open primary will be held on June 5, 2018. The deadline for filing was March 12, 2018. The winner of the primary will face Paul Tuss, Bear Paw Development Corp. Executive Director, a Democrat. The general election is November 6, 2018. There is a total of 25 seats of the chamber’s 50 seats that will be up for election this fall.

All three candidates will be asked to answer a variety of questions in the future papers in the Mountaineer hopefully to help you know how you would like to vote. In Montana in 2017 there was 700,401 people registered to vote only 383,301 bothered to vote. There is 1.05 million people in the state of Montana, which means 300,000 didn’t vote in Montana. Chouteau county has 5,767 residents with over 2,000 that are not registered to vote. There are only 3,506 registered voters in Chouteau county and of that number 2,149 voted. If we could get more than that to vote we could bring the percentage up higher than 61.29 %. Register to vote. And if you are registered educate yourself.


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