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Big Sandy Activities Power Award Nominations


April 25, 2018

The Power Award, created by Big Sandy Activities, and was designed to encourage all students to empower their classmates, teammates, and community members. It was designed to reward those students who encourage not demean, to reward team effort not individual power, and to reward community involvement and inclusion not individual glory. Hopefully it will lessen bullying and teasing and foster empathy and understanding. Everyone needs to strive for personal excellence, to work hard for his or her best and although excellence should be rewarded, it should not be on the backs of others. The Award is worth $250.

Anyone can nominate a student. Nominations will be due April 30th. Please put the student you want to nominate, a short paragraph why they deserve it, and sign it. Place nomination in an envelope and leave it at The Grocery Store.

A panel made up of teachers, community members and a representative of Big Sandy Activities will review and interview the student.


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