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Community Wide Garage Sale June 23


June 20, 2018

Keely Bahmiller was planning a garage sale for herself when the idea of forming a Community Garage Sale just kept coming to mind. Keely said, “It sounded like a fun family event. It would be fun and could be a good community event.” She also believed it might bring some business to town which would help our local businesses.

Keely floated the idea on Facebook which was an instant success. “The garage sales will be held individually at each home, not all together. I’m trying to organize this to encourage people to come from surrounding areas, knowing that there will be a bunch of yard sales to shop all in one trip!

It will bring sales for area businesses as well, which is great for the whole community. It was brought to my attention that June 23 is the weekend of summer celebration in Fort Benton.” It is hoped that those wanted to attend Fort Benton Summer Celebration might come up to Big Sandy if they knew the town would have such a large opportunity to find sales.

Currently there are 33 separate garage sales involving 37 families. Each one is supposed to put up signs and get some balloons to mark their location. There will also be a map created of each as one given out as a flyer, at the Grocery Store and the Bear Paw Deli. The library will have maps on Fridays.

Big Sandy Activity has agreed to store any leftover items not sold on the 23rd in order to donate them to the next Hospital Guild’s Rummage Sale.

Keely’s last comment said with a big smile, “Come find some bargains!”


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