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Laverna McGrew is the new Big Sandy Methodist Pastor


August 15, 2018

Laverna McGrew, wife of Pastor William McGrew of the Van Orsdel United Methodist Church in Havre, Montana has been filling the pulpit of the United Methodist Church of Big Sandy for six months since February 18, 2018. She travels to Big Sandy every Sunday to have Sunday services with the congregation here. William and Laverna have three children and have lived in 14 states including Montana.

She said she loves the little community in Big Sandy. Laverna struggled this summer with a number of health concerns and the congregation has been extremely flexible and very understanding of her needs. She is willing to meet the need here as long as there is a need. She desires to serve God and believes this is where God wants her to serve.

This last Sunday her sermon included, "recognize the power of words to affirm and encourage. Christians are not trash talkers but treasure talkers. That is, their words affirm and build up other." This is what she believes Jesus wants her to do here in Big Sandy. Laverna, believes, we need to "value spiritual life. Don't grieve the Holy Spirit. This expression reminds us that by nurturing our spiritual lives (telling the truth, expressing righteous anger, encouraging others), we can bring joy rather than sorrow to the Holy Spirit, who mediates the presence of Jesus Christ to us." Laverna is trying to the best of her ability to meet the need here to encourage them hoping to bring joy to their lives.

She practices what she preaches. Church starts at 11:00 on Sundays.


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