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School Board Meeting, gearing up for a new school year


August 22, 2018

The School Board met August 15th, at 7:00 AM. Yes, AM, early in order for the farm members of the board to return to harvest. After the standing for the pledge, approval of minutes. During public comments Lorrie Merrill reminded the board the school that Big Sandy Activities had donated the school a kiln and to please keep that in mind.

Superintendent Kelly did an overview of building maintenance and summer projects. He did mention there was a break in the water pipe on the football field, but it was repaired. Also, there is a spot on the football field that isn’t healthy and they were going to have the ground tested to determine what needs to be done. One project was delayed, the handicapped entrance needs to be repaired and we will wait till November before it is fixed.

The gym floor has been redone and there are plans for them to return in December to spruce it up. Discussion followed concerning gym use after games and how best to keep children from using the gym floor with street shoes on. Also because of the liability issues children need to be supervised.

He also mentioned that we need a formal lease agreement with the owner of the two rented houses.

Dallas Geyer requested that he be allowed to participate in a Work Study program. The board, recognizing there is a need for a formal policy for a Work Study Program which will allow for some consistency, however there is now a student who is asking for the opportunity to work at Ezzie’s. It was approved. A Work Study means the student will be required to take mandatory classes, however they can be excused to work during the other class periods.

A new assistant cook was hired for the school year. Lauretta Labuda will be joining Kelly Owen, head cook, for the school lunch program this year.

The new 5th grade teacher, Dani Noring, is already helping with Volleyball practice. She was officially hired to be the Assistant Varsity Volleyball coach and Jr. High and Assistant volleyball coach.

Also hired was Thomas Dilworth for Varsity Basketball. Tristan Cummings was hired as the Assistant Basketball Coach.

Big Sandy will once again have Cheerleaders Morgan Simpson was hired as Cheer Advisor. Some of the girls have already tried on cheer-leading uniforms and it was determined by the

girls that the uniforms will work, so Big Sandy High will not need to purchase new uniforms.

Larry Bitz is a volunteer coach, however due to policy he needs to be approved as well. He was approved.

Fort Benton entered our district so some children who live closer to Fort Benton can go to school there.

Board members were reminded that goals need to be set for the next five years at the next board meeting. Maryetta Engle has copies of the last year’s goals.

Superintend Kelly Haaland mentioned in his report that although he has permission in policy to spend $5,000 without board approval he will only spend money in case of emergencies for all other purchases he’d like board involvement He mentioned the school budget looks good as we are using less tax payer monies and doing more with less money.

Principal Heather Wolery mentioned everything was ready for school to start. The PIR days starts school for teachers and this year there was training included on the mental health of students.


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