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2018 Youth Hunt at Chase Hill Outfitters


October 31, 2018

Youth hunter, Nate Rieken, with his trophy.

Chase Hill Outfitters was established in 1986. They have been guiding for 32 years. Bill Brown said, "I hope one of the kids will take over." Both Megan and Weston are currently home helping during the 2018 hunting season. They just finished guiding two kids during the youth hunting period which takes place two days before the regular hunting season begins. Chase Hill donates the youth hunts. But they have opportunities for youth throughout the season. "We have incorporated a program to encourage youth hunting with a full price booked hunt. A junior between the ages of twelve and eighteen can take a "guides choice buck" for free. Anyone over the age of eighteen can take a "guides choice Buck" for the non-hunter fee. To qualify as a management deer, it has to be a mainframe 3 X 3 or less which allows those hunts to produce some great trophies. We use these hunts as a tool to manage the free ranging wildlife for better genetics." These hunts are conducted at Chase Hill because they want to improve the quality of the mule deer genetics.

They donated youth hunts to the National and Montana Wild Sheep Foundations and the Montana Mule Deer Foundation. They end up with up to half a dozen youth trips we do for free. The foundations auction them off so I feel I am contribution. I just think it is a worthy cause to donate to the foundations that we give too. I also think I am contributing by providing trips to keep the youth involved. He has four more weeks of hunting. It is always over the Sunday after thanksgiving.

Last year at this time there was snow on the ground and even though there have been a few days a little too warm this year he would rather have this kind of weather than snow on the ground.

Last week Bill was proud to announce, "We have a group of three Wounded Warriors that we donated hunts too. We try to give back a little."


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