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Mrs. Weaver's Kindergarten class talks Thanksgiving


November 21, 2018

I love talking to Kindergarten kids. I wanted to talk to them about Thanksgiving. What were they thankful for? Mrs. Samantha Weaver asked them. "Good News Club", and then a few repeated the subject. "God in the Heaven." "Jesus." "Praying to God."

One little boy said he was thankful for "special blankeys". Another boy said "I-Pad" when a little girl answered quickly, "I don't have an I-Pad."

I realized they had learned their lessons that week when the next answers were "Veterans" and "The Flag".

When a little boy answered, "Food on my plate!" I asked him what kind of food he was most thankful for. He answered, "Sushi!"

One little girl said she was thankful for, "The whole wide world", and from the back of the room another student said loudly, "Good one."

One little girl said she was thankful for "My dad." Many of the children mentioned family members.

Thursday had Thanksgiving food that day for school. So, there was a strong agreement that pie was the best food at Thanksgiving. Turkey, although chicken was mentioned too, came in a close second and then potatoes without gravy. They mentioned all kinds of food that was their favorite, but they didn't know what it was called. They tried to explain it, but just ended with something like "Gramma makes it"

Lots of the kids said they liked plain noodles and spaghetti for Thanksgiving. One little boy told me what his favorite food was, "I can make it myself. You just add cheese and whipped cream and you mix it up and it's yummy!"

However, one little girl knew how to prepare a turkey, "You have to kill the turkey, then you pluck it. You put it on the pan and put it in the oven. You cook it for 20 minutes."

One little boy said, "I like to eat turkey right out of the pan."


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