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Exercise Because You are Worth It


December 26, 2018

LIFT trainer, Julie Myers

Every New Year 71% of all new year resolutions are to diet or eat healthier; exercise more (65%), or lose weight (54%). So, it is time to at least to try again. Julie Myers and LIFT Fitness of Big Sandy gives you that opportunity.

She has three classes a day, each for one hour, five days a week. The first one starts at 8:00 AM. That class has an average of four clients. She has two classes in the afternoon one that starts at 4:30 and one that starts at 5:30. The 5:30 class is the fullest usually averaging 8 or 9 clients a day. Each class can hold 10 clients.

She is willing to start a different time frame if she gets enough people. Currently those exercising seldom miss it. She has a couple of clients that want to compete and they are coming to work out twice a day.

Cross Fit exercise uses gymnastic work, lifting work, cardio, body weight, and biometric. Julie has been an instructor for two years, but has been doing Cross Fit for eight years. "I modify every exercise to meet the ability of the client." So, it doesn't matter how out of shape you are when you start. She recommends you exercise at least three times a week, but the benefits increase if you exercise every day.

She has two options for participation in the classes. You can purchase a Punch Pass which allows you to exercise 10 times during the month for $70 or you can purchase a $80 monthly unlimited.

"Anybody can do it. A lot people are intimidated. I think they would be really surprised about what they can do. You don't have to be in shape to come, you come to get into shape. When you excercise in a class it's more fun. You develop great friends and a sense of community. No one ever regrets it."

It's important to put yourself first sometimes. Julie calls her clients "athletes, because they are!" Call her cell phone to get started at 541-720-1120.


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