Katherine Bold Winner of the Triangle Telephone Trip to Washington DC

Katherine Bold daughter of Anna Bold was chosen as one of two winners of a trip to Washington DC from the Foundation for Rural Service and Triangle Communications. Baily Gasvoda was one of two last year and told Katherine about the opportunity. Students who is 16-17 years old who is a dependent of a subscriber receiving telephone, broadband or mobile service from Triangle can apply for the opportunity to win the trip to Washington DC. Katherine said she is looking forward to meeting to people and experiencing new places.

Katherine had to write an essay and answer the following question: What Would Your Day Be Without Electricity?

Katherine wrote, "I live on a farm with electricity, supplied by Hill County Electric. When I consider what life would be like without power, I realize how the loss of electricity would inconvenience our lives. There would not be any lights, heaters and electric motors, computers, cell phones, and a convenient water delivery system that we have today. All of these things assist the day-to-day function of major operations on our farm."

"Without electricity: instead of waking up to an alarm clock, I wake up to light streaming through my window. I go to turn on the light switch, and quickly realize there is no power. I grab my rechargeable flashlight, and use it sparingly because I know it won't last. There's no use taking a shower because I know there won't be any water, hot or cold, the water pump won't run. When I go to make cocoa for breakfast, I realize the microwave won't work, so I make a bowl of cereal, only to find the milk is sour from the lack of refrigeration."

"I go to the woodstove and kindle a fire to warm up the house, I can make pancakes and eggs on the stovetop; we've done that before for fun when the power was out previously. After eating, I head outside to start my chores. Since the livestock waters don't work, I chip the ice from the reservoir to give them water. On my way back towards the house, I haul a bucket of water for the chickens. As I survey the pasture, I realize some cattle escaped because our fence line is no longer electric."

"I need to order a part for one of the tractors, but I can't call or email the dealership to see how much it costs, or if the part is even available. Because I don't have a computer, I can't access my online homework, look up the market reports, listen to music on YouTube, or check the weather. I don't have access to social media to communicate with family and friends, so I don't know what is happening in the rest of the world."

"As the sun begins to set, work stops on the farm. I come into a dark house, where there is no sound of the television to greet me. Lighting a candle, I make a quick dinner out of hot dogs and pork beans heated up on the wood stove. I head out once again, this time in the dark, to take care of my chickens and gather eggs. I feel isolated from the rest of the world because of the total silence and darkness. When I come back into the house, I fold my clothes and set them aside to wear again tomorrow because I can't do laundry. Finally, I read a book in the light of the dying embers of the woodstove, and fall asleep."

"I'm very thankful for the safety, convenience, and security that electricity brings. Life without power would be difficult, and everyday tasks would demand more effort. We've become dependent on electricity and its safe usage. Electricity allows us to work later hours, be more efficient, and lessen our workload by using electrical powered devices and appliances. Hill County Electric provides a clean, environmentally friendly source of energy for everyone to use. We are so privileged to have electricity; my life and everyone else's would be very different and challenging without it."

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