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February 13, 2019

HB 300--Would create a 2.5% sale tax on most transactions, including internet sales, but exclude SNAP-eligible food and medicine. It would cut three different types of property tax and the raise would go to “infrastructure, health, safety and welfare.”

Senate Bill: 206 which would require Country-of-Origin Labeling placarding for beef and pork at Montana retail stores.

SB 176: To develop a state hemp certification program plan.

SB 178: Exempting hemp processing equipment from property taxation. This bill was heard in the taxation committee. SB178 is similar to a bill passed in the 2017 legislative session that exempts pulse crop processing equipment.

SB 177: Revising Montana’s hemp laws; replacing references to industrial hemp with references to hemp; eliminating requirements for a criminal background check prior to receiving a license to grow hemp.

SB 32: An act creating a stream gauge oversight work group.

SB 34: Revise hearings process for change of water right application.

SB 116: Generally, revise irrigation district election laws.

HB 50: Provides additional civil penalties for violations of agricultural commodities laws

HB 327: An act clarifying labeling requirements for meat; providing a definition of “cell-cultured edible product”; clarifying the definition of “hamburger” and “ground beef”; clarifying circumstances when food and meat is misbranded or mislabeled.

HB 286: Revising water right laws in connection with state land leases.

HB 32: Revising laws related to aquatic invasive species programs


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