You Have an Idea Pursue It


February 20, 2019

Have you ever had an idea and wondered if it would fly? Do you have a dream of opening the smallest of businesses and don’t know where to start? It might be a dream you’ve held for years, but have never pursued it. There is a place to go for no cost, one-on-one advising that is customized to meet your needs. Small Business Development center in Havre is an expert business consultant partner that can help you determine if your idea will work.

Joe LaPlante Havre’s SBDC regional Director says, “We’ll work the numbers to see if it is doable.” And if you don’t know the numbers, he’ll advise you with financial analysis on how to get the numbers. He’s been trained to give business and strategic planning, market planning and research assistance.

He is also prepared to give you training in computer programs you may need for your business-like Word, Excel, and Quick Books that would be customized to your business. He can also help with marketing and any social media that you might want to learn how to use.

Joe has been doing this kind of assistance since 2006 and would be willing to help develop expansions or any start up entrepreneurial development.

He won’t write your business plan, but he will help review it with you. The state actually registers your new business name, but he can tell you where you need to go.

When I asked him what a small business was he said any business smaller than 500 employees and less than $7.5 million. I laughed. That means anyone in Big Sandy would be eligible. For that matter, most of every business in Montana would be eligible.

What brought this to my attention is SBDC network funding is set to expire in July 2019. HB52 is the bill that was introduced to extend funding for the Small Business Development Centers. Havre is Big Sandy’s center and it’s a shame more people don’t know about the benefits and services it offers for starting or improving a business. They will be discussing this bill next week in front of the House Appropriations Committee.

Joe LaPlante’s contact information is 406-399-1557 and Call or write him and at least determine if your idea is worth pursuing.


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