The Big Sandy Mountaineer -

Kira Witmar, New K-12 Special Ed Teacher


March 13, 2019

Kira Witmar was born in the Philippians. She was raised in New Mexico. She served in the Air Force and moved to a few states. After the Air Force, they moved to Missouri because her husband's family is from there.

They were planning a vacation, coming to Big Sandy to meet the Bahnmiller family where her husband had applied for a job, when the job opened up at Big Sandy High School. She called and asked for an interview. She has taught for 4 ½ years in Missouri. She started teaching in grade school Special Ed, before she moved to high school Special Ed, and then taught middle school Special Ed. Before she became a teacher she worked with developmentally disabled adults. She has a lot of experience working with individuals with learning disabilities.

The plan was she was going to stay in Missouri while her husband moved to Big Sandy. She would stay till after school was over if she didn't get the job, but because she was hired she moved here when her husband did. They don't like the heat of Missouri so "we moved here because we wanted the cold". We laughed, because it was extremely cold that day and no one likes it that cold.

She hopes to stay here for a long time, because it was a huge move.

"We love it here." They live in the country because Bahniller's have a house for them to live in. Their son Logan is 11 years old and in the 5th grade. Their daughter Autumn six years old. They also have a dog, a Husky, named "Montana".

She told me her strength was testing and data collection, but I thought her strength was her personality. They will be a great addition to our community. Welcome home.


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