Student Athletes for the 4th-5th and 6th Grade Basketball


March 20, 2019

Alex Worrell

This year the grade school basketball program is trying something different. Besides just practicing after school and having games on weekends, the coaching staff want them to know that working hard in school is important.

So, each week a student will be chosen after a game as Student Athlete of the Week. Prior to each game teachers will be visited with to determine the effort each athlete is making in the classroom, if their efforts on the floor matches their efforts in the classroom they will be chosen. Besides the acknowledgment of their efforts with their picture being in the paper, they will also receive a milkshake at The Grocery Store.

Coach Worrall wanted to give a special thank you to The Grocery Store for sponsoring the award. He went into the store with money to purchase the milkshakes, and Debbie refused to take it, instead saying she wanted to sponsor the Student Athlete Award.

Last week's Student Athletes were Jai Bauman and Ryder Oats. The pictures were lost in hyperspace and not received by the Mountaineer in time for publication.

This week's Student Athletes were chosen based on teacher nominations and coaches decisions. Alex Worrall and Dolin Sunchild are this weeks Student Athletes.

Dolan Sunchild


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