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"Bedtime Stories" opens April 27th at 6 pm


April 3, 2019

Play practice is under way. Sets are being worked on and the kids are having a great time. There will be two performances, April 27th at 6 p.m. and April 28th at 4 p.m. Each show will have an intermission and there will be concessions for purchase.

Play practice for " Bed Time Stories" started February 21st according to Vanessa Janssen.

Although it has been a "lot of hard work", there are many reason for the excitement in the air. Backdrops found in storage at the school from a play given 25 years ago will be repurposed.

Jessica Jaramillo, the Big Sandy High School Art Teacher , and her classes will repaint the backdrops. The art class is also making two trees and some rocks for the play. The new lights will be installed next week and they are checking out the ceiling mics hoping they will be "hot" (useable).

The kids speaking do have a lot of lines, and it is a lot of work, but some have already learned their lines.

They are still looking for donations. They would like to have a party for the kids and programs and posters to be printed. They are going to charge $2.00 per person. Vanessa said, "we don't want to exclude families. Hopefully those who can afford more will donate."

Vanessa said it was more work than she had anticipated, but they plan on doing a play next year as well she laughed. Diana and Vanessa believe it's important to provide some creative and cultural outlet.

If you are interested in exploring an arts council for the Big Sandy area please contact Lorrie Merrill or Vanessa Janssen. The arts express in different forms who we are. It helps to celebrate our rural culture and helps us express our emotions and what we cherish. Ultimately the arts impact our lives and tells the story of our community in ways that can reconnect us. The arts included painting, photography, quilt making, poetry, sculpturing with clay or metal, writing, plays, and music in every format. Those creative efforts need to be celebrated and encouraged in our community.


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