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April 17, 2019

Every day we are faced with making decisions. They range from minor to major decisions. Some people can make decisions quickly while other people need time and information to make a decision. I recently attended a training which included a simple method to use when making a decision. I hope you find it as a useful tool if you are faced with a decision in the near future. It really helps to write it out and include the individuals who the decision will impact, such as family members, including kids.

Here are the steps:

1. Identify the options.

2. Write down the “pros” in one column and the “cons” in a second column for each option. It is helpful to include as many of the for and against reasons as you can come up with, including emotional reasons, such as fear or enjoyment.

3. Assign a score of how important each “pro” and “con” is to you. Use the range of 1-5 (1 being not important to 5 being very important).

4. Add up the scores of each column and compare the totals to find the higher total.

5. Lastly, do the “gut test”. What is your gut feeling about the higher score? Does it feel right? If it feels “right”, then you likely have a decision. If not, you could explore other options or include someone who has experience in the area you are making a decision about.

This process works for any decision whether it is simple or major. I hope you give it a try and find it makes the decision making process less stressful and intimidating.

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