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April 24, 2019

The main purpose of the last School Board Meeting was to officially offer teacher’s contracts to teachers for the following 2019/2020 school year. All current tenure teachers, Demrece Keller-4th grade, Sheri Moore-3rd grade, Amy Terry-2nd grade, Chris Brumwell-7-12 grade math and school counselor, Larry Brumwell-K-12th grade PE, Heather Wolery, Melanie Schwarzbach-Science, and Traci Rodewald-HS Para/ Elementary computer will be offered a contract. New teachers up for tenure Jessica Jaramillo-K-12th grade art, James Howland-K-12 grade Librarian, Calista Worrall, Katie Hanson, and Shersteen Cline will also be offered tenure. Non-tenure Teachers Kira Witmer-K-12th grade Special Ed, Layne Traylor-AG, Tucker Taylor-Ag, Samantha Weaver-Kindergarten, Shelbi Darlington-K-6th grade intervention-G &T Jr. High Math, and Sara Pugh-English will be offered a contract. Dani Norling has given notice that she will not be returning to Big Sandy next year.

Classified Staff offered a contract are: Randy Bowlen and Jeramie Erie - Custodian, Lianna Heimbigner and Lauretta LaBuda - Full Time Assistant Cooks, Cat Lopez and Cheryl Ostrom - Full Time Para, Cinda Pearson - Elementary Secretary, Kelly Owen - Head Cook, Charlie Sipler - Elementary Custodian/Transportation, Cheryl Strutz - Elementary Lunch and Office Assistant, Wendy Taylor - Secretary, Alma Terry - Elementary Para, Richard Thornton - Elementary teacher/Para Public.

All coaching positions are open. Evaluations and recommendations of current coaches will be considered during the interviews. Anyone wanting to coach, needs to apply quickly because coaching positions will be considered at the next board meeting.

Principal Kelly Haagland has also been given an extra two years contract.

During comments to the Board section of the meeting, Policy 1700, concerning complaints against staff members. It was noticed these complaints have not been shared with the staff. Moving forward, in the future, it was requested that the board please follow the policy and send complaints forward.

Building Maintenance Projects was reported by Kelly Haagland. Charlie and Maryetta did a walk through the buildings looking at water leaks, cement needing to be redone, overheads needing repairs, and the grade school parking is buckling.

There will be four students given admission to attend school in our district.

Discussion of the tennis court has been extended for one more meeting waiting on another bid for the project. There has been no agreement if or when to fix the court. There was some Lippard Funding given towards the project and if they make the decision the cost is too high to go forward the Lippard Funding would need to be returned.

The Pioneer Booster club reported they plan to build an Elementary Outdoor Basket ball Court. As plans are finalized they will be reporting back to the board.

The Kindergarten class has one more student bringing the total number to 20. Principal Heather Wolery ask they hire an assistant for the remainder of the year, because although Samantha Weaver is an excellent teacher, 20 students are too many, at that young age, for one teacher. There has been an applicant, but back grounds need to be checked prior to employment.

The Chauvet Lease agreement for rent of a house/apartment, for teachers, was discussed and renewed!

The Board renewed its contract with Golden Triangle Cooperative. Although the contract is expensive, $4,088, they supply the school with a Curriculum Director which is required by law.

Baumann lead a lengthy discussion about options and current technology needs at the schools. Currently there is $17,000 left in the budget and the board needs to prioritize where to spend the funding. They could replace 27 chrome books—every student has a chrome book and every five years they need to be replaced. A few teachers need to upgrade their computers. There are also computer programs available which will help keep the students safer. Currently the budget is at $50,000 which is low for technology, according to Travis Bauman. He recommended looking at grants that might be available and to watch for used equipment sales. The question is how does the board want to spend the money.

During the clerk’s report, it was noted that Brandon Gasvoda had written a letter of resignation from the school board. There is a required waiting period of 72 hours before the board can appoint a new board member. They have 60 days to fill the position. There are four candidates running for the board. Ballots have been sent out and they need to be returned by May 7th.

The school received three deviations for accreditation, two of those were for Jill Barta, who had not received the correct accreditations. All that is necessary is for the school to write a plan of action to fix the concern.

Next board meeting May 20


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